How do I care for my Quartz?

Quartz are very simple to care for, using only soap, water, and a soft cloth

Where Fir-Stone Quartz come from?

Our quartz is imported from China. Cutting edge technology is used to induce high automatic pressure and create top quality quartz material. All our products are certified by Canadian institutes. They are completely safe for hygienic and indoor environments.

Where Fir-Stone Quartz made of?

Our quartz is made up of natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals, and resin. It has the organic feel of other materials such as granite, as well as the added benefit of being non-porous.

What is the size for each slab?

126 x 63 inches, which gives a surface area of 55.13 square feet.

How's the Quartz compare to granite and marble?

Please refer to our Product Care page under Customer Care tab for further information.

How should I clean my countertop?

Appearance: Unlike other slabs made of natural stones, quartz can be crafted with controlled appearance to ensure consistency.

Strength: The resin binder in fir-tone creates an extremely hard material that is stronger than granite or marble. It is more durable and resistant to cuts and scratches.

Hygiene: the non-porous quartz reduces the opportunity for bacteria to grow and prevents staining.

Maintenance: Granite and marble must be sealed yearly to prevent staining and bacteria growth. The cost of sealing is usually not included in the package. Quartz products do not require sealing to maintain their beauty and functionality.